Month: June 2018

Episode 26 – Baby Boomers in Business: Utilizing their Knowledge, Expertise, and Skills

Many people between the age of 52 to 72 still want to remain engaged in business and in their community. Baby Boomers still consider themselves young and passionate to learn things. The question is, do companies still encourage them to keep working? Or is life really over when we reach 60?

Our Boomsday Prepping panelists, being in the business themselves, gather to talk about this important subject matter in this new episode. They share their own experiences and knowledge in terms of the role they all play in managing, supporting, and changing our society.

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Episode 25 – Botox and Anti-aging Treatment: How Baby Boomers View Ageing Physically and Emotionally

According to co-host Dr. Drew, Botox is the most popular, modern, non-surgical, anti-aging treatment.

He said that “Botox or Clostridium Botulism. So it’s an organism found in the natural environment within our natural environment and it’s largely inactive and non-toxic to the natural environment. So it’s used to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and it does this specifically by paralyzing underlying muscles within the body.”

Some of the reasons why Botox is being used is to it removes wrinkles, fine lines and even help stop sweating profusely. Dr. Drew also said that Botox is approved by the medication industry to be used for post stroke, overactive bladder, spasms in the muscles and rigidities, the chronic migraine and others.

In this episode, our Baby Boomers discuss their thoughts on anti aging, more information about Botox, its pros and cons, and they have touched a bit on other anti-aging treatments. There’s no doubt this will be a very interesting topic as the team once again offers their personal insights about healthy aging and what our bodies go thru as we age.

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Episode 24 – Baby Boomers on Issues Revolving around Raising Children and Grandchildren

Hard work, discipline, resourcefulness and mental focus are just a few of the many values that the Baby Boomer generation have grown up with. But they did pass on those values onto to their children? What are Baby Boomers like as parents? How are they as grandparents?

These days there are Baby Boomers who are having children later in life and the statistics continue onto to its upward trajectory. What is it like raising children in their 50’s or 60s’ compared to raising them in their 20’s, 30’s or 40’s?

These are some of the questions that the fabulous Booms Day Prepping panelists are going to discuss on this podcast. In this episode, the panelists are joined by a special guest Chris Curnow, a good friend of co-host Dr. Drew Dwyer, who at the age 59 have kids under the age of 7.

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Episode 23 – Read To Live: Baby Boomers Discussing the Books that Changed their Lives

Snail mail, the fax machine and CDs have all become things of the past.

All of these things have been replaced by modern day technology. Snail mail and the fax machine have been replaced by email and social media networks. CDs have been replaced by iTunes and digital downloading. But what about books? Well many people nowadays prefer to read using ebooks. Is it better than reading old-fashioned printed books? Does it affect the amount of knowledge being shared and absorbed by the readers?

What do Baby Boomers think about this? There’s no doubt that the Booms Day Prepping panelists love to read. Today they team up once again for another exciting episode to talk about their love for reading and what books have made an impact on their lives.

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