Month: August 2018

Episode 35 – Baby Boomers and Politics – Your Vote Counts

Baby Boomers, being raised by the Silent Generation, were taught socially and environmentally not to have discussions about politics. In this episode, our panelists discuss their voice when it comes to politics and why they must hold on to their right to vote.

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Homedics White Noise Sound Machine

With the Homedics White Noise Sound Machine, you can now choose from 6 digitally recorded relaxing sounds, such as White Noise, Thunder, Ocean, Rain, Summer Night, and Brook. You don’t have to worry about not sleeping while you travel because this sleep sound machine is small and lightweight. It easily fits into your purse, bag or suitcase. It can also help your baby fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. You can choose to play the relaxation sounds continuously or choose from the auto-off timer. Get this sound machine that includes a wall outlet adapter and a 30-day money back guarantee!

AUVON iMedassist Pill Box

Store a week’s worth of meds with this AUVON iMedassist Pill Box. You can simply organise your weekly medication and place the organiser on the counter to easily keep track and maintain your AM/PM medication regimen. This is great if you’re traveling or on-the-go. There’s no need to worry about unwanted dumpage of pills. The push button stays closed once locked and securely snap shut to keep pills safe. Its tested design makes it easier for you, especially for the elderly, to open the medicine box. It is simple yet handy if you have to take medication 4 times a day. There are separate compartments made with durable molded BPA-free plastic for each dose. Get a happy card, a 12-month warranty and a friendly customer service as well!

Adult disposable ultra brief diapers

The package includes 15 diapers per bag and 4 bags per case. These adult disposable ultra brief diapers are unisex soft with cloth-like inner and outer material. The gentle outer leg gathers provide comfort and added protection. It has hi-loft premium, non-woven acquisition layer that quickly absorbs fluid into the core. Its advanced dual-core performance locks wetness away and reduces pH of urine for improved odor control and skin wellness. The soft, wide, and flexible hook and loop tabs can refasten anywhere on the brief.

Best Posture Corrector & Back Support

BRANFIT offers Best Posture Corrector & Back Support for men and women, ideally for shoulder support, upper back and neck pain relief. It helps improve body alignment, breathing, even memory and learning. The material used in this product is completely washable and breathable with soft padding to provide you with the comfort you need. Easy to wear and requires minimal effort, you can wear it under your clothes as well. For those anyone suffering for any posture problem, we strongly recommend this product. Get it now!

DMI Easy Access Convalescent Hospital Gown

Designed for easy dressing and undressing for home, hospital or nursing home patients use. DMI Hospital Gown is easy to wear and take off, and has convenient snaps in the shoulder to help secure and allow easy access for patients that are breast feeding, IV tubes and will undergo various tests. DMI Easy Access Convalescent Hospital Gown with Snap Shoulders is machine washable and fits all types of sizes that measures 36 inches long from shoulder. Made with quality durable polyester cotton blend fabric.

Shower Shield Catheter Water Barrier

This Shower Shield Catheter Water Barrier has 7’L x 7’W dimension, that keeps your catheter site, PCC line, central ports and dressed wounds completely dry and covered. It helps prevent infection and keeps the area dry. Shower shield is a single use product, once you apply it to the area, it cannot be reused or resealed. This might be your saving grace, get this Shower Shield today!

Portable Ultrasonic Nebulizer

Looking for a handheld nebulizer? Simply Silver now provides Portable Ultrasonic Nebulizer Respirator Humidifier adult kit! It provides immediate relief by lessening discomfort on your breathing, helps reduce inflammation, nasal congestion and sinus pressure. It is now backed with advanced ultrasonic technology with cool mist that penetrates into the airway. This product is handheld, compact, lightweight modeled, and is safe to use for adults. Buy this item today!

Urinary Pain Relief/Dietary Supplement

Do you experience urinary pain, burning and urgency? Worry no more! AZO now offers Urinary Pain Relief/Dietary Supplement that contains 95 mg Phenazopyridine Hydrochloride. This is the #1 Ingredient prescribe by many doctors and pharmacists for urinary discomfort. It has 30 tablets in one box, and get a fast maximum relief from pain. Get it here today!

The Original Orthopedic Firm-Yet-Flexible Comfort Seat

RelaxoBak now offers The Original Orthopedic Firm-Yet-Flexible Comfort Seat that molds to the body, ideally to relieve pressure from your tailbone/coccyx and lower spine. It helps posture alignment support and holds up to 300lbs. It provides you with the ideal sitting surface that is not too rigid and not too soft. This product can be used on car seats, cushioned dining room chairs, theatre seats, office seats and the like. Clinically proven to help relieve stress from your back pain! It comes with 7 colours. Buy now!