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About Our Show

As Boomers we recognise in ourselves and our audience that we are:

  • independent and empowered.
  • competitive and savvy.
  • more open-minded in our social values than our parents and probably our children
  • are focused on health, wellness, and longevity.
  • are invested in individuality and control in consumerism.

On this page and on the podcast, we explore the issues of importance to us, boomers.

Having lived, to date, through decades prosperity, change and more or less world peace, we are a generation with high expectations, prepared to stand up to authority and to question the social norms of both our parents and our children.

As we have buried and nursed our parents at the end of their lives, many have said “Hell no, I am not going that way. When I go , I am going to go my way.”  

Our  anti-authoritarianism nurtured in the sex, love and rock and roll era and supported by fertility control, amplifiers and electric guitars excused us from the often awful constraints of our parents at the same age.

Even if your personal revolution was listening to rock and roll on a transistor radio or Molly Meldrum on Countdown, living the revolution empowered us.

Mass media, radio television and now the internet broadened our perspective and taught us how to use purchasing power to shape the world.

The austerity endured by pre-war generations gave way to prosperity and our materialism and consumerism sometimes shocks our children today.

The popular image of boomers (particularly among Gen-X, Y and Zers) is of a bunch of self- absorbed dilettantes who refuse to age gracefully and who are hellbent on spending their kids’ inheritance on Harley Davidsons and expensive holidays.

Well,  searching for my way to go is prepping for my booms day.

It may require a couple of toys and a nice holiday here or there and with this podcast we want to share the experience and participate  in the conversation.


Behind The Mic


Wayne Bucklar


Wayne Bucklar is a technologist and speaker with a passion for on-line media.

Wayne has has a varied but entertaining career across diverse roles in diverse fields. Since 1984, the unifying theme has been and continues to be Computer Technology but otherwise wanderlust and shiny things have often caught his attention and led him in interesting directions.

Having lived a largely accidental career in fields as diverse as academic lecturer, nurse and broadcaster, he is now heavily involved in digital story telling and passionate about helping people access the digital megaphone which is the internet.  Shy, retiring and fond of cats, Wayne does not live in a rural setting in Wales and is survived by his 18 dependent children.  He is reputed to be prone to exaggeration.

Dr. Drew Dwyer

I have so far lived an extraordinary life. Military service and nursing grounded me as a man and grew me as a person. I met my beautiful wife at a young age and fell immediately in love, and have been ever since. My passion for caring for other people and the lived experience of care work challenged and drove me to learn more and apply the skills I was meant to practice. I found my forte in teaching and mentoring alongside caring and counselling.  After finishing my military career I found a passion in caring for our communities frail, vulnerable and elderly.
Taking on the challenge of higher degree learning and research was the beginning of a new frontier for me. Now at mid-life, I have chosen to impart that what I have learned, and that what I am still learning through speaking, education and motivation to others combining the facts of science, the reality of life and adding my sence of humour. I hope you enjoy listening to what I have to say through my speaking, my books or teaching sessions. 

There are about 900 Million baby boomers around the world.

We are storytellers and we are boomers and part of the largest generation to ever retire in the history of retirement.  We want to tell the stories of those who have lived the last stage of their life on their terms and well.

We seek out and give voice to the diverse opinions that make up the boomers story, fearlessly discuss the topics not discussed in polite company and present the pros and cons of every issue we can find that concerns boomers.

We embrace and exploit technology and digital life.


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