Episode 42 – Navigating Relationships as a Baby Boomer: Birth, Marriage, Death

For this particular episode, hosts Wayne Bucklar and Dr Dwyer together with regular panelists Bron Williams and Amanda Lambros discuss their experiences and thoughts on relationships in relevance to marriage, death and birth. All of them offer very interesting insights in this subject matter.

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Episode 41 – Transition to Retirement: What to do with the rest of your life?

Three-quarters of our lives are being spent on work, that is why a lot of people view retirement as a transition to freedom. But what happens to you on a day-to-day basis when you have transitioned into retirement? How do you fulfill the rest of your life? What are your expectations of retirement? What to do when your expectations are not met?

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Episode 40 – Helping and Supporting Baby Boomers Living with Incontinence

Incontinence is often an embarrassing problem that affects many baby boomers. It is the lack of voluntary control over urination and/or defecation. The severity of a person’s incontinence ranges from occasionally leaking urine to having a sudden, strong urge to urinate and you don’t get to a toilet in time. In this Boomsday Prepping episode, Baby Boomers talk about their experiences and struggles with incontinence and how they face it as they age.   

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Episode 39 – Royal Commission and the Aged Care Crisis in Australia

This week’s episode of our baby boomer show is all about the healthcare crisis in Australia – particularly in the aged care sector and people with disabilities. The Royal Commission is being called to look at the quality of care provided in residential and home aged care to older Australians. It will also cover the challenges of providing quality care to young Australians with disabilities living in residential aged care settings. Our panelists – Wayne Bucklar, Dr. Drew Dwyer, Bronwyn Williams, Brian Hiselwood, and Amanda Lambros – are here to voice out their concerns and opinions on the rising issues concerning the Royal Commission and the aged care system.

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Episode 38 – The Baby Boomer Generation Redefines Ageing and Retirement

Being a generation that never really wanted to accept the status quo comfortably, Baby Boomers like to recreate and redo everything in our world – including the concept of ageing and retirement. In this episode, our panelists headed by Dr. Drew Dwyer talks about how they would like to redefine retirement – baby boomer style.

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Episode 37 – Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby! – Baby Boomers and their Sexual Health

Sex is a powerful emotional experience. It’s a tool for improving the personal health and well-being of not only the young, sexy, active people but also of the aging population. In this episode, our topic is all about sex – the sexual health, sexual identity, sexual behaviour, sexual dysfunctions and issues of men and women beyond 50 years old.

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Episode 36 – Money Matters in Retirement – How Much Do You Need to Live a Comfortable Retirement?

How much money do you need to have a comfortable retirement? Bring out your retirement planners and calculator because this episode will be all about money, super, and old age pension.

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Episode 35 – Baby Boomers and Politics – Your Vote Counts

Baby Boomers, being raised by the Silent Generation, were taught socially and environmentally not to have discussions about politics. In this episode, our panelists discuss their voice when it comes to politics and why they must hold on to their right to vote.

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