Wilsco Adult Waterproof Leg Cast Cover

Keep the bandages and casts dry while in the shower, pool, or in any dusts with this new Wilsco Adult Waterproof Leg Cast Cover! It is latex-free, and made with durable material that you can use after use and will save you money in the long run. Designed to fit all ages, comfortable and safe in the shower either on slick surfaces, carpets and more. This also protects your wounded area on dirts, sand and even your pets. This leg cats cover is completely easy to wear and is also perfect for indoor/outdoor use! Get yours now.

Lion Retainer Shine

Top seller in Japan and is now available in Amazon. Lion Retainer Shine 150g (2 pcs) Denture Cleaner is suitable for all types if retainers. Its has a high performance granule type which makes it popular in Japan. Has a high deodorizing, cleaning and sterilization power that helps eliminate plaques and bad odours.The cleansing power of the granules are non soluble and does not change even when insoluble granules are left. Hurry, get this product here!

Cervical Neck traction device

Say no more to back and cervical pain! Get this new and improved Cervical Neck traction device— completely inflatable, adjustable neck stretcher collar for home traction and spine alignment. While elevating the jawbone, this product helps improve posture and reduce neck pain. It creates optimal spine alignment which relieves tension in your nerves. Its completely easy to use! Just follow the step-by-step instruction to ensure you are getting the best out of it. Quality proven and tested.

Flents Ezy Eye Drop Guide

Flents Ezy Eye Drop Guide helps you to ensure that your drops are correctly aligned with your eye so that no drops will go to waste. With this, there will be no stressful blinking, it perfectly fits your eye and its high quality design is made to last. Get this product before it last.

Super Poligrip Denture Adhesive Comfort Seal Strips-40 ct

Super Poligrip Denture Adhesive Comfort Seal Strips-40 ct (Quantity of 4) helps seal out food particles in your dentures with no messy ooze. It also help hold your dentures and partials on fleek so that you do not have to worry about it falling. They absolutely work and no icky pinky stuff! Get it now!

Medical Heavy Weight Floor Scale

Monitor your weight with this Medical Heavy Weight Floor Scale! It is completely digital and east to read and high capacity health. This is good to use for fitness enthusiast and physicians. Portable and includes battery and AC adapter. This weighing scale has a limit of 550 lb / 249 Kg. It has remote display which mounts the LCD and to easily view weight results. This is easy to transport and is typically accurate. Get this today!

Prestige Medical Nurse Cargo

Get your very own Prestige Medical Nurse Cargo Bag (Black) for only $13.58! It is imported, with 6.5″ high and 4″wide. It has a travel mug holder feature, front mesh pouch, side cell phone pouch, and a removable compartment for added versatility. It can hold multiple compartments to hold additional equipment such as personal items. Note: Equipment in the picture are not included. Get yours today!

Disposable Adult Tie-Back Poly Bibs (Set of 50) ✔

This Disposable Adult Tie-Back Poly Bibs (Set of 50) is great for gag gift. Its dimension is 16″ x 33″ which makes it good for your loved one. It is ply tissue front which are proven to catch spills and messes and poly backside which prevents clothing from bleeding through. It covers large area in front and is also lightweight and wet-resistant. Get this today!

Episode 34 – Is Dementia a Major Concern for Baby Boomers?

For Episode 34, the Booms Day Prepping panelists join together for a very important discussion regarding dementia, the single greatest cause of disability in older Australians. Dr. Drew Dwyer, a clinical gerontologist explains all about dementia – what are the different types, how does it affect a person, etc.  

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Episode 33 – What Does Happy Ageing Mean To Baby Boomers?

Ageing involves change, both positive and negative. It doesn’t automatically mean that one will have a poor quality of life or a whole bunch of medical problems. What does it mean when Baby Boomers hear the term “happy ageing”? Episode 33 of Booms Day Prepping will answer this question.

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