Book: Ageing In the “New Age”: A survival guide for Baby Boomers

Ageing in the New Age - A survival guide for baby boomers

Pages 124
Over the next 30 years we will be supporting huge numbers of people through the transition of life that is the journey of old age and the pathway to death. The fact remains that death and taxes are a surety in life, but the pathway doesn’t have to be negative and fruitless.

This is a great book to use as an education and planning tool for the Baby Boomer and their parents. It is also a great book to gift to your older parents if you are concerned about having the “difficult conversations”.

I ask all who read this book to be brave in the face of change as you all have the power to make change or decide to stay the same. So, take every opportunity to engage in the most important part of your life’s journey and remember it is all about you.

“This book encourages the use of emotional intelligence, which he describes in terms of recognising our own feelings and emotions and those of others, as a central strategy.
Financial planning is discussed in the context of BBs pushing retirement out, generally having better health, education and greater expectations of their retirement. The changes of ageing are outlined: physical, cognitive, sensory, and medication issues.
I was particularly pleased to see this as too often sex is avoided as a topic related to ageing…”
— Emeritus Professor Rhonda Nay LTU
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