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Episode 13 – The Ageing of Baby Boomers: What Changes Come With Ageing and What Doesn’t?

What Changes Come With Ageing and What Doesn’t? As of 2016, the number of baby boomers ranged from 74.1 million to 81.3 million, depending on whether the generation begins with the birth year 1943 or 1946. Ageing is a natural process of life. Various changes come along with it. Majority of baby boomers are now entering the next stage of their lives: retirement. How can baby boomers adapt to this fast paced world? The Booms Day Prepping panelists share their insights on the different issues related to ageing ranging from physical activity to the Internet.

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Episode 12 – Differences and Similarities Among Generations: Greatest, Baby Boomers, Silent, X and Y, Millennials

How do you interpret a generation and what does your generation mean to you? Dr. Drew Dwyer outlines them: On top of the hierarchy is the Greatest Generation, the people aged between 92 and older. Those of the Greatest Generation grew up during the Great Depression and many fought in World War II. They are also known as the GI Joe Generation. Next is the Silent Generation, people aged 72 to 92. These people were born during the Great Depression. The Baby Boomer Generation, the generation that was born after the Second World War are those aged 52 to 72. We also have the X Generation, then we have the Y and Z Generation which are grouped as a generational cohort called the “Millennial.” Millennials were born between 1980 and 1994, this generation is marked by an increased use of digital technologies, media and communications.

“When we talk about generations, it helps us to isolate groups of people in society that are having a push and pull impact on the way society is developing and there’s always a reason why this occurs. As I said for the older generations, it was war, it was moon travel, it was the breakthrough technologies. For the Baby Boomers, it was the breaking of the molds of the Older generations. For the new ones, you only have to step back and look into the crystal globe to see the concept of working together, loving each other and being loving and getting along together has been throughout every single generation. It’s just at the moment seems to be the major factor of concern in today’s society.” – Dr. Drew Dwyer

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Episode 11: Connections – What Matters to You?

One of the biggest risks as people age and enter retirement is the risk of isolation. Boomers need to be mindful about the outcome of a a grief and loss process. This is something that is considered to be complex and doesn’t happen automatically. What is it that makes people thrive or die moving into a retirement village/retirement home? Boomers are entering the next stage of their lives which is retirement.  They enter a period of personal confusion and even disorientation. It’s a fact that Baby Boomers are described as a very hard-working generation and often have been defined by their careers. Understand how connections really matter to Boomers, how maintaining relationships are of the utmost importance. Keeping in touch with family and friends. They are degrees of closeness – Boomers can choose the degree of closeness. How to maintain connections and make new ones?

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Episode 10: Positive Aging – What are the Benefits of Getting Older?

What comes to mind when you think about aging? What are the things to look forward to after retirement? What are the benefits of Aging? These are the questions our hosts and panelists discussed in this week’s podcast episode. Many older people don’t like the term ‘elderly, or elder or senior’ and Baby Boomers need to practice emotional intelligence in this space because this is part of the concept that older people need to emotionally and intelligently get a good understanding of and have stability in. Aside from having a long and fruitful career and raising children, Baby Boomers are now in their third stage of life and they continue face new experiences every day. When you’re transitioning and you’re aging, one of the things you have to understand is that your body is going to shift. Your body is going to respond differently and you need to really understand what your body needs. Maintaining a healthy active retirement means maintaining aspects of healthy life. Make sure you have your dietary goals and plans are very clearly understood so that you can tell consultants and clinicians what your goals and needs are and they can map something in that suits a Baby Boomer. There are positive aspects of being older because you can look back on yourself and you can realize there are parts of you you probably have the time now to change and some good and careful and emotional intelligence skills will help you change those things in a positive way. These are just some of the opinions shared by our hosts and panelists regarding Positive Aging. Listen in to here more about their interesting discussion.

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Episode 9: How Baby Boomers Deal with Empty Nesting and Find Space for Themselves

A feeling of grief or loneliness is called the ‘Empty Nest Syndrome’ and this is experienced by some Baby Boomers especially women when they their children leave home for the first time, or when a partner passes away or losing something very valuable to them like that of their jobs. They feel like their sense of purpose in life is gone, while others plan on what they will do next once their children have left the house. Other Baby Boomers plan on travelling and doing something new and exciting for them in their third stage of life.

Baby Boomers have varying opinions about this topic and that is what makes this very interesting. Listen in to this week’s episode to know what our hosts and panelist have to impart in the discussion.

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Episode 8: Renewal and Letting Go – What it is and How it’s Different for the Baby Boomers

Baby Boomers have reached an unfamiliar space in their lives, where they feel the need to experiment with themselves – a time to relearn things, renew their beliefs, and reconfigure their lives. Episode 8 talks about how all the changes in society affects the Baby Boomers and what does “letting go” really means to them.

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Episode 7: A Baby Boomer’s Approach in Work-Life Balance

The understanding of work-life balance has been changing over the years, and each generation has a different approach in achieving this balance. Find out what the Baby Boomer generation have to say.

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Episode 6: Menopause – Physical and Emotional Changes Experienced

Menopause and all those nasty things that come with it – hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness, irritability, mood swings, headaches, low energy rates, low libido, anger and depression.

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Episode 5: Healthy and Positive Aging

Episode 5 is about the power of positive aging. Listen to our experts as they give tips on how Boomers can age gracefully and live their lives to the fullest.

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Episode 4: Spirituality vs. Religion

Spirituality is a big issue amongst Baby Boomers. As they age Boomers tend to look back on their life’s events and can get confused with spirituality, thinking it is all about religion. Can we really define “spirituality” without excluding the concept of faith?

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