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Episode 24 – Baby Boomers on Issues Revolving around Raising Children and Grandchildren

Hard work, discipline, resourcefulness and mental focus are just a few of the many values that the Baby Boomer generation have grown up with. But they did pass on those values onto to their children? What are Baby Boomers like as parents? How are they as grandparents?

These days there are Baby Boomers who are having children later in life and the statistics continue onto to its upward trajectory. What is it like raising children in their 50’s or 60s’ compared to raising them in their 20’s, 30’s or 40’s?

These are some of the questions that the fabulous Booms Day Prepping panelists are going to discuss on this podcast. In this episode, the panelists are joined by a special guest Chris Curnow, a good friend of co-host Dr. Drew Dwyer, who at the age 59 have kids under the age of 7.

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Episode 23 – Read To Live: Baby Boomers Discussing the Books that Changed their Lives

Snail mail, the fax machine and CDs have all become things of the past.

All of these things have been replaced by modern day technology. Snail mail and the fax machine have been replaced by email and social media networks. CDs have been replaced by iTunes and digital downloading. But what about books? Well many people nowadays prefer to read using ebooks. Is it better than reading old-fashioned printed books? Does it affect the amount of knowledge being shared and absorbed by the readers?

What do Baby Boomers think about this? There’s no doubt that the Booms Day Prepping panelists love to read. Today they team up once again for another exciting episode to talk about their love for reading and what books have made an impact on their lives.

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Episode 22 – Retiring In Style: Baby Boomers Discussing Retirement Planning

Many Baby Boomers are about to enter retirement age. It’s time to think about what are they going to go in this critical stage of their lives. How important is the aspect of accommodation planning in retirement? What are options that are available? How important is planning before one reaches the critical point? Once again, the amazing Booms Day Prepping panelist come together on the program to discuss this very important issue that concerns all Baby Boomers.

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Episode 21 – Baby Boomers Sharing their Favorite Things to Do during their Pastime

Everyone in the world has a favorite hobby. It’s very common when you first meet someone, one of the questions you ask is “what’s your favorite hobby?” or “what do you do in your free time?” Some people like photography, some like writing, others like reading a good book. What about Baby Boomers? What are the hobbies that interest them? Are their interests different from those of other generations such as Millennials?  The insightful Booms Day Prepping panelists join together to discuss their own favorite pastime. Let’s find out what do they love to do during their free time.

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Episode 20 – Baby Boomers Interpreting the Aspects of Ageing

A lot of Baby Boomers don’t like terms “senior” or “elderly.” It’s probably because ageing is associated with some undesirable aspects such as declining health, loss of independence, boredom and loneliness. So whether it’s positive or negative is a matter of the individual’s own emotional intelligence. During their younger days, Baby Boomers were considered to be the most productive and hard working generation the world has ever seen. They built up good careers for themselves and raised their children very well. Now Baby Boomers are entering their third stage of life which is retirement but despite that they continue to encounter many new and amazing experiences. What are the aspects involved in ageing? Is age really just a number? These are some of the questions that the Booms Day Prepping panelists are going to answer this podcast.

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Episode 19 – Baby Boomers’ Views on Retirement Planning

Baby Boomers are the 76 million people born between 1946 and 1964. This is the generation that was born after World War II, the deadliest conflict in history. They witnessed a rise in affluence, opportunity and stability. They grew up to become hard working individuals, created families and provided good lives for them. Now the oldest Baby Boomers have already entered retirement while the younger ones who are still working are preparing for it. Retirement is something that requires a great deal of planning: the finances, holidays, traveling, the selling or management of assets, the possibility of moving to a retirement home, etc.

The incredible Booms Day Prepping panelists come together on the program to discuss about this very important issue concerning Baby Boomers.

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Episode 18 – Work-Life Balance For Baby Boomers

Work-life balance has become a frequent topic of conversation nowadays among the different generations, including the Baby Boomers. The oldest Baby Boomers have already retired but many of the younger ones are still working and they are preparing for retirement. The marvelous expert panelists of Booms Day Prepping come together to talk about this fascinating issue.

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Episode 17 – Baby Boomers’ Views on Digital Health Care

Due to the many kinds of digital technologies that have been developed over the years, the healthcare industry’s future is really changing before our eyes. Since Baby Boomers are entering retirement age, how will they benefit from digital healthcare? Does it make things more simple or complicated for them? Once again, the Booms Day Prepping panelists come together and share their thoughts on the technological changes of modern healthcare.

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Episode 16 – Baby Boomers – What Inspires Them As They Age?

Everyone need someone or something to inspire them and it’s not just young people who need inspiration – baby boomers are included as well. For baby boomers, it can help them move from just an “ordinary” life to something more engaging and meaningful. Inspiration is something that give us purpose. The magnificent Booms Day Prepping panelists join the program and have an engaging conversation on what inspires them as they age.

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Episode 15 – Baby Boomers’ Views on Aged Care Facilities & Retirement

Many Baby Boomers in their younger adult life went through the experience of placing their parents in aged care facilities when they became old. Since the Boomers are at the age of retirement themselves, a large number of them are not sure if that’s the way they want to live the rest of their lives. The Booms Day Prepping panelists join the program and discuss their thoughts regarding retirement and aged care.

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