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Episode 4: Spirituality vs. Religion

Spirituality is a big issue amongst Baby Boomers. As they age Boomers tend to look back on their life’s events and can get confused with spirituality, thinking it is all about religion. Can we really define “spirituality” without excluding the concept of faith?

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Episode 3: Every Penny Counts

Baby Boomers talk about money, savings, house, mortgage, children’s inheritance, and healthcare plans as they move onto the third stage of life.

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Episode 2: Emotional Intelligence of Baby Boomers

As self-awareness appears to improve with age, older people tend to have better EQ skills compared with the younger generations. But do they actually have the skills to deal with conflicts? To deal with crisis? To manage or lead others? Episode 2 of Boomsday Prepping answers these questions as we dig into the Emotional Intelligence of Baby Boomers.

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Episode 1: Euthanasia, Death, and Funeral – What Do Baby Boomers Actually Think About It?

Baby Boomers are fed up with the idea of a boring, traditional funeral. In this first ever episode of Boomsday Prepping, boomers describes how they imagine their own funerals and talk about death and euthanasia in an honest and frank discussion.

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