Brian Hinselwood

Brian was born in the UK, and after leaving school had a short stint in the British Army and then spent the best part of the next seven years hitch hiking around Europe and the Middle East. It was during these travels and some of these unforgettable experiences that he obtained his lifelong interest in people, current affairs and politics. Having hitch hiked to Australia, he not only maintained his interest in politics but also became an actor.

Brian is a talented and versatile actor; a veteran of theatre, film and television since the early 70’s, having appeared in some of Australia’s premier television and theatre productions. He has directed numerous plays, both for children and adults, both in Sydney and in Brisbane. He is a skilled character actor, who is proficient in most British, European and American accents. Brian also co-hosted a successful music radio programme for five years.

Brian now lives in Brisbane, Australia. He is involved in community theatre, and a keen supporter of music festivals and sport (from a spectator point of view only), including undying loyalty to Liverpool Soccer Club. Brian writes poetry and is currently attempting to simultaneously write a play and a book. He’s married, with two children and two grandchildren who live at the other end of the country and who he consequently doesn’t see nearly often enough.

Bron Williams

With more than 30 years experience in the not-for-profit and education sectors I bring a depth and breadth of experience and training to my coaching and speaking.
I am warm, engaging and passionately committed to helping others live their most fulfilled life – whatever shape that takes.

Glenn Capelli

A presenter, educator and professional speaker with more than thirty years experience,
Glenn Capelli has delivered ideas on innovation, leadership, creativity and dynamic thinking to audiences around the world. Awarded at the highest level including Keynote Speaker of the Year, Educator of the Year, Speaking Hall of Fame, Sir Winston Churchill Fellowship, Nevin Awardee, member of Mensa as well as the International Jugglers Association!, Glenn continues to lead the way as one of Australia’s most enduring and unique professional speakers. A former ‘hobo’ who backpacked his way around the world for seven years, Glenn explores ways to live better, smarter and wiser and brings that learning to life with his inspiring, practical, humorous and totally original style.

Amanda Lambros

Amanda Lambros is the Director of the Grief Recovery Institute of Australia & New Zealand, a Clinical Fellow, Forensic Sexologist, Counsellor, speaker and highly sought-after media commentator.

Want to talk evidence-based practice, relationships and/or grief and loss…look no further. Amanda is an award-winning author and speaker.

Renowned for her practical, no-nonsense approach towards actionable insights in these areas. She combines current consumer insights with fascinating research into relationships, life transitions, and engagement so that individuals and organisations receive and provide the best possible care through powerful strategies for connecting with themselves, clients, and patient both present and future.