Wayne Bucklar

Wayne-BucklarWayne Bucklar is a technologist and speaker with a passion for on-line media.

Wayne has has a varied but entertaining career across diverse roles in diverse fields. Since 1984, the unifying theme has been and continues to be Computer Technology but otherwise wanderlust and shiny things have often caught his attention and led him in interesting directions.

Having lived a largely accidental career in fields as diverse as academic lecturer, nurse and broadcaster, he is now heavily involved in digital story telling and passionate about helping people access the digital megaphone which is the internet.  Shy, retiring and fond of cats, Wayne does not live in a rural setting in Wales and is survived by his 18 dependent children.  He is reputed to be prone to exaggeration.


Storyteller and digital broadcaster at Business Radio Talkers.fm and Health Professional Radio

CEO,  Vertical Internet Radio Internet Media Limited (Hong Kong)

Commentator ABC Radio 612  (19 years) weekly technology segment.


Enterprise Architect, Reform , Services Information Agency–Department of Health Queensland

Strategic ICT Advisor to the CIO (E-Health)  – Queensland Health

E-Business Strategist, Queensland Department of Transport

Lecturer, Subject Area Coordinator, IT and Digital Economy, MBA. Brisbane Graduate School of Business.  Queensland University of Technology

Significant Project Summary

● Business Analyst, Project Manager and Architect /Strategist  on E-Health (Queensland Health)

● Strategist – e-business Queensland Transport


● Vertical Internet Media  Storyteller / Journalist / presenter

● Commentator -ABC Radio 612  (19 years) weekly technology segment

● Columnist -Queensland Business Review

● Author and presenter – Multiple Publications

● Keynote Speaker – Multiple National Conferences

● Presenter Channel 9 Extra – Technology segments


● Author – “An Introduction to the Internet for Business” with Lloyd Ernst and multiple other papers and articles.

To know more about Wayne Bucklar, visit his website.

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